The university of the future isn't tied to a single location or to any one pre-defined experience. Technology can help exp和 the learning experience beyond the classroom 和 across the globe.

为此目的, we continue to build a comprehensive, flexible digital ecosystem, composed of tools that, 当集成, extend teaching opportunities for faculty 和 empower students with real-world skills.

When combined with resources like our Global Digital Classrooms, the technology of the Global Learning Ecosystem not only flips the classroom but quite often transports it. The ecosystem is a continuously evolving suite of tools, 和, with collaboration from students, 教职员工, we'll continue to experiment with 和 champion software like e-portfolios 和 hardware like telepresence robots that heighten our campus technology experience. 

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With an increasingly diverse mix of in-class, online 和 blended courses, St. 爱德华的 requires a reliable 和 robust learning management system, as well as instructional tools (like LinkedIn学习) that make it easy to use for students 和 faculty. Not only do classes (even those that meet face-to-face) have an online presence, they often employ a number of specialized tools to share information in new 和 interactive ways. 

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Cloud Sharing, Storage 和 Collaboration

Because the classroom is now digital, much of the classwork happens online. To facilitate better, faster 和 simpler collaboration among our university community, we've made cloud sharing 和 storage a pillar of the ecosystem. 重要的文件, assignments 和 projects can be shared quickly 和 securely with everyone who needs them. 


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Digital Publications

An important part of a student's academic life is reflection — on assignments, on experiences 和 on the applications they see for their education after graduation. With multiple options for online blogs, websites 和 portfolio spaces, we provide a platform for instructors 和 students to explore ideas 和 share them. 

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Videoconferencing 和 沟通

For a global university, the ability to communicate across borders quickly 和 efficiently is important. To connect the hilltop with partner universities around the globe, 还有专家, instructors 和 other students at home 和 abroad, we've made high-quality video conferencing a priority, in classrooms 和 in lecture spaces like the Global 事件 Center in Jones Auditorium. 

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Flexible, Technology-Enhanced Learning Spaces

Our classrooms, computer labs 和 shared study spaces are critical pieces of the campus experience. We want to make sure we're using those spaces to their fullest abilities, with flexible technology 和 design that enhance both the teaching 和 learning experience. 要做到这一点, we monitor trends in academics 和 technology 和 ask our community for feedback on how they use available campus spaces. 

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