Earn two degrees that position you to succeed in a high-demand field.

Every industry needs expert accountants, 技术的发展使得编程和数据分析技能比以往任何时候都更加重要. With an 会计 Information Technology degree, you’ll be prepared to enter a rapidly growing profession. 这个150小时的课程授予会计工商管理学士学位和计算机信息技术文学学士学位. You’ll graduate ready to start a position like financial analyst, IT顾问, systems analyst or fraud examiner specializing in cybercrime.

你将学习会计技能和商业原则,以及数据库理论和应用, computer science concepts and web programming. Develop the problem-solving, 批判性思维和道德推理能力,你需要在全球经济中取得成功. 与具有多年实际经验的会计和计算机科学教授合作进行相关研究.

奥斯丁, 科技中心, state capital and the nation’s 11th-largest city, is an excellent place to study, intern and find a job in government or the private sector. 我们的学生也在四大会计师事务所实习,然后被聘用. 他们被美国国税局和联邦调查局招募,成为注册会计师和注册欺诈审查员. When you earn a degree in 会计 Information Technology, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running in a field with a solid future.

What do our graduates do?

会计信息技术专业的学生继续从事各种各样的职业,并从St. 爱德华的. 这里有一个例子.

  • IT advisory associate at KPMG
  • Senior internal audit IT at Charles Schwab
  • Consultant for Deloitte
  • Internal audit manager at AMD

Leveraging 校友 Connections

18岁的Anthony Fragapane利用东南大学强大的校友网络,在毕马威(KPMG)找到了一位职业导师. 这位导师帮助安东尼获得了公司的第一轮面试,并就如何在暑期实习中脱颖而出给了他建议. 大三的时候,安东尼一毕业就接受了毕马威的全职工作.

The Classroom and Beyond

As a student in the AIT program, you’ll have the chance to apply what you’ve learned in internships, 学生组织和课程将你与奥斯汀的公司联系起来.

Experiential Education

In 会计 Information Systems, 你将了解会计系统是如何工作的,以及数据是如何进出系统的. 你将采访奥斯汀一家公司的员工——过去的例子包括一家大型食品杂货连锁店和一家高尔夫练习场——关于他们的一个流程, 比如工资, collections or inventory. 您将记录流程和公司的内部控制,并根据您在课程中学到的知识提供改进建议.


会计信息技术专业的学生学习一门为注册会计师考试做准备的研究课程. 考试要求你理解和分析一个会计数据库来回答问题, and the course is designed to help you develop this skillset. You’ll work with your professor to choose a topic, develop an argument, research the topic and present your conclusions. Students have presented their work at SOURCE, the on-campus undergraduate research forum, and at the Honors Thesis Symposium. Recent topics include:

  • 华尔街的赏金狩猎:如何成为一名成功的激进卖空者
  • “检查你.S. 美国公认会计准则更新后的收入确认准则及其对软件行业的影响

Student Organizations

在会计俱乐部了解你的同学,了解职业选择. The 会计 club holds several events and invites guest speakers. At Meet the Firms, 学生们从会计师事务所的代表那里听到招聘期望, what their work life really looks like, 和注册会计师考试.

德尔塔西格玛派是一个男女同校的商业兄弟会,它既是一个专业俱乐部,也是一个社交俱乐部. In recent semesters members have attended a panel presentation about digital marketing and a talk about real estate investment careers; traveled to a leadership conference in Kansas City, networked at a happy hour with alumni; and made sandwiches for people living on the street.